Icons of Rock: Wesley Eisold

“Kill the lights, and let the rain fall. Recall the memories of yesterdays and better ways.” -American Nightmare

When I mention Boston hardcore, I’m sure the word “poet” doesn’t come immediately to mind. Oh, I’m sure a number of people who are about to read this have seen the (pointless) documentary series Boston Beatdown. Therefore, when you do think of Boston hardcore, you may think of fights, blood, brotherhood, unity, straight-edge, hardline, intense mosh pits, Blood For Blood, Converge, Death Before Dishonor, FSU, and broken faces. You certainly don’t think of quatrains, poetic cries for help and death, and sarcastic, yet thought-provoking song titles.

The Boston scene has always been about being the hardest, toughest, and meanest of the country. Just look at our sports fans. Hardcore is no different. We will make sure your ass is kicked. But this is what makes hardcore songwriter Wesley Eisold such an iconic leader of the scene.


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