Madonna’s Mexico City Hard Candy Fitness might close down

Along with being pop royalty, Madonna is also a hardcore practitioner of Ashtanga yoga. This particular form of yoga stresses the importance of breathing during poses. We’re pretty sure Madge is gonna need a few round-the-clock sessions of this dynamic and therapeutic exercise now that she’s learned her gym, Hard Candy Fitness, which opened just this week in Mexico City, may be shutting down thanks to some bureaucracy. That’s harshing our chakra, bro.

According to Billboard, the gym has until Friday, December 4th to get a land use permit or the Miguel Hidalgo municipality will shut the gym down at least temporarily. The gym’s actually only been open since Monday and was allowed to open thanks to a special permit by the municipality’s chief, Demetrio Sodi. Looks like once all the glitz and glamor of an opening ceremony DJ’ed by Paul Oakenfold will only get you so far.

The gym is the first of what Madonna is calling a “place to fine-tune our brand and then expand it to other countries and, in the long term, develop a global brand that includes the United States.” But with monthly rates at $159 a month, plus a starter fee of $827 that covers the first two months, we’re thinking legal documents won’t be the only issue for long.

Perhaps with fewer gyms to run, a spot at Glastonbury 2011 is a possibility?


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