New Bonnaroo book answers the question How Do You Roo?

We’ve all seen those Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbooks that prepare you for  every probable and improbable situation one might encounter. Sure, there are benefits to knowing how to escape an alligator or take a punch properly, but what about surviving things we know we’ll experience? Like something that happens annually… Like, say, a music festival. Now we’ve got some advice on how to get through one of those, too.

Just in time for next year’s 10th anniversary, How Do You Roo? A Survivor’s Pocket Guide to Bonnaroo® is the first guide of its kind (unless you count this one.). Cary, North Carolina native Tara L. Groth compiled the book herself, with no input or approval from Bonnaroo organizers AC Entertainment and Superfly. Nothing like firsthand festival-goer experience and research to provide the best advice.

Intended for anyone from first-timers to veterans, How Do You Roo? is loaded with pertinent festival information. The 97-page portable paperback includes a packing checklist, camping advice, and road trip suggestions. You’ll also get tips on festival fashion, as well as vegetarian and gluten-free dining options on the Manchester, TN farm. What’s more, the book is petite enough to comfortably carry with you during the four-day experience, so you’ll be able to ‘Roo with ease.

The guide is currently available exclusively online at You can also check out for further information. Happy ‘Rooing, and now, happy reading!


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