Sonic Youth ready new reissues and a bunch of other stuff

These days, Sonic Youth news seems to come in sporadic yet potent bunches. For example, this time last year we were greeted by news of an impending DVD and film soundtrack, as well as plans for a digitized archive and even a new studio album. While none of those projects have come to fruition just yet, 2010 did see the band announce random yet high-profile one-offs — like a film benefit, a show with Pavement, and appearances at ACL and Matador at 21. And now, Slicing Up Eyeballs points to news of two new reissues and new details concerning that aforementioned soundtrack.

The two reissues — for 1985’s Bad Moon Rising and 1987’s Sister — were originally due for release alongside April’s reissue Confusion is Sex and EVOL, but were delayed for undisclosed reasons. ORG Music will now re-release Bad Moon Rising on December 14th and Sister on January 18th and if previous reports hold true, expect the reissues to be available as limited-edition colored vinyl pressings.

Meanwhile, Sonic Youth have also further detailed their soundtrack for the French murder mystery, Simon Werner a Disparu. Per their Facebook page, the band says it will be part of the band’s experimental SYR series, the first such release since 2008’s SYR8: Andre Sider af Sonic Youth.

And if that weren’t enough, the band’s Facebook also states that they are “putting something special together for 3-lobed,” which Slicing Up Eyeballs suggests is a reference to Three Lobed Recordings. So, yeah, plenty of stuff to watch out for.


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