Watch: Eminem and Lil Wayne play Saturday Night Live

I still can’t come up with a reason why Eminem and Lil Wayne appeared together on Saturday Night Live last night. Either man could have easily handled the role of musical guest by himself and it’s not like they have a Kanye and Jay-Z-like collaboration album coming. The only semi-decent explanation I could come up with was that it was a passing of the torch type of deal, where Eminem capped off the year he dominated by spitting with the man who will have a strangle hold over the next 12 months. Regardless of the reason, this was what happened: The duo kicked off with a joint performance of “No Love”, off Eminem’s most recent effort, Recovery, before each going solo — Em dropped a Pink-less “Won’t Back Down”, with Weezy then following with what was technically the debut performance of “6’7”. Eminem said they’d go “IN” and it’s hard to disagree with the end result. Watch for yourself below (via Mr. World Premiere).

“No Love”

“Won’t Back Down” + “6’7”


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