Watch: Jenny and Johnny sing for Coco on Conan

It’s good to be on Team Coco. You spend your late nights watching Conan O’Brien tell hilarious jokes, laughing at Andy Richter get gift wrapped by his cat, and you get to see some of the best music out there performed live right before your very eyes. And if the broadcast performances don’t satiate your thirst for tunage, than Coco usually has web exclusives for dessert.

Just check out the goings on from last night. Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice stopped by Warner Brothers’ Stage 15 and delivered two songs from their debut LP, I’m Having Fun Now. What’s even better is that the Los Angeles-based boyfriend-girlfriend combo – better known as Jenny and Johnny – brought along a few support players (including Farmer Dave Scher on a lap steel), and powered through “Big Wave” and “Scissor Runner”. The former aired on TBS and found the band showcasing the big garage-pop sound found on their debut. Scher put his mark on the cut by sending big, echoing, screeching waves of tone into the audience, but the two J’s are still the stars of the show.

Lewis handles the vocal duties quite well, and while Rice doesn’t chime in until the 2:40 mark with some “doo-doo-doo’s” of his own, he does get to take the mic on a web-only performance of “Scissor Runner”. The tune finds the couple switching guitars and looking like they’re having a really good time as Rice sings, “She ain’t a princess/ But she’s an artist/ Painting a portrait all over my heart.” It’s pretty lovey-dovey and available for your viewing pleasure below. Watch until the end of “Big Wave” and check out how tall Conan looks next to the pair as he and Lewis hop up and down together.

“Big Wave”

“Scissor Runner”


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