Watch: Jens Lekman spin a tale about stalking Kirsten Dunst

It’s common knowledge that everyone has a celebrity crush (Natalie Portman, anyone?), but where we common folk just gawk and drool, some stalkers possess a gift for songwriting. Ben Folds professed his love for american poet Saskia Hamilton on Fallon, and while that was pretty funny, Jens Lekman has just crafted a song that takes the take cake for now.

Our friends at TwentyFourBit have reported that the 29-year-old Swedish singer-songwriter took to the poolside at Los Angeles’ swanky Mondrian Hotel where he performed a stripped down version of “The End of the World is Bigger Than Love” and a bunch of new songs. One of those new tunes – titled “Waiting For Kirsten” – tells the tale of Lekman and a friend waiting for a certain Ms. Dunst outside of her hotel. She doesn’t show, so the tune takes the boys to a club where they find out that the object of Lekman’s affection had been turned away at the door.

The cut get’s really funny after that with Lekman singing, “I know, I know/ no one told her before/ in Gothenburg we don’t have VIP lines/ in Gothenburg we don’t care who you are.” He imagines consoling Dunst by explaining that in his hometown, “the VIP lines aren’t to clubs/but to health care, apartments, and jobs.”

There’s a surprise ending and the whole thing is pretty damn amusing. The clip is available for your viewing pleasure below, and Rawkblog has posted videos of nearly all of Saturday night’s performance. If you want a chance to see the song in person, then you’re in luck.  Lekman is set to play two sold-out shows at the Green Building in Brooklyn on December 9th and 10th, and eBay’s got some tickets up for auction right now.

Photo via Meg

Photo via Meg

Jens Lekman 2010 Tour Dates:
12/09 – Brooklyn, NY @ Green Building on Union (Sold Out)
12/10 – Brooklyn, NY @ Green Building on Union (Sold Out)


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