Watch: Joanna Newsom plays “On a Good Day” on Letterman

Though Joanna Newsom didn’t garner the Live Act Of The Year award, she would have definitely landed a spot in the top ten. As we continue to avoid classical music like they plague (why?), her performances are as close to a classical show as many of us will ever get. Always rich, always delicate, and always enthralling, Newsom once again takes to national television (this time Letterman) to deliver a stirring rendition of the short diddy “On A Good Day” from this year’s unendingly awesome Have One On Me. Check out this perfect song for this cold December morning above.

Oh, Mr. Letterman. Your humor is so topical. Do you guys get the Sara Palin joke in the beginning? It’s kind of a high-brow, New Yorker kind of joke, but hoo-wee, I just laughed through the first part of the song!  At least his thank you seemed sincere.

Hat tip to The Audio Perv for video support.


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