Watch: OK Go parade around L.A. for “Back From Kathmandu” video

We all know OK Go for their quirkiness, innovation, and artistic talents right along with their catchy music. From puppies to toast, we never quite know what they’re going to think of next. In fact, it’s kind of at a point where you can close your eyes, spin around, and point to something, and it’s a viable idea for a long, one-take video.

For example, the band recently held their own parade around Los Angeles, inviting all who could play an instrument or at least could bang a pot and pan (let’s just hope that no one was big enough troll to bring a vuvuzela). If you couldn’t be part of it, don’t worry, because you can check it out in a new documentary-style music video of theirs set to “Back From Kathmandu” off their latest album, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky.

While obviously not in their usual one-take formula, the video has enough artistic editing and… well, flashy lights and shiny things, to put it simply, and that’s just the visuals. To add to the cool factor of it all, the parade wasn’t just a random romp through town. No, the course was very carefully mapped out: specifically, mapped out on a GPS program so that their very parade course spelled out OK Go on the city map. Spiffy!


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