Watch: Palmyra Delran – “Lies For You” (CoS Premiere)

We’ve got to be honest, we have never heard of The Friggs, a Philadelphia, PA/NYC based gargae band. We only say that  because we’ve been missing out on Palmyra Delran, a guitarist and principal songwriter for the band. While their MySpace shows little activity, that hasn’t stopped Delran from coming out with new music. Her latest, a digital single released November 16th featuring the cuts “Shout Out” and “Lies For You”, is a heaping helping of that jangly, surf-inspired pop rock all the kids seem to love these days. So, while we may have missed the train a bit, we’re more than happy to play catch up by premiering the video for “Lies For You”. Better late than never, we always say.

Delran is nothing if consistent. Like the vintage sound she makes, so too is the song’s video. Made up of all old home footage transferred to digital, clips of various roadtrips, folks enjoying the summer, posing for shots in leisure suits, and views of New York’s glorious skyline in the swinging ’60s play out rather perfectly with the strummy, breezy lo-fi indie pop of the song. If only all home movies were this cool.

Check out the video above. If you dig it, be on the look out for Delran’s full length, You Are What You Absorb, to be released sometime in 2011.


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