Watch: The Who’s new video for “Tattoo” (Live at Leeds)

In the spirit of consumerism, wait… I mean the holidays, The Who have reissued their classic Live at Leeds album and to celebrate its release, the legendary outfit has commissioned an animated video for the live version of “Tattoo”. As per Antiquiet, the video lacks any actual footage of the performance or the band, but the series of animated visualizations does capture the track’s tale. Seemingly a string of psychedelic Ed Hardy graphics, the clips also embodies the commercial feel of The Who Sell Out, where the song first appeared in 1967.

The 40th Anniversary Super-Deluxe Collector’s Edition is currently available over at The new set encapsulates both the February 14th Leeds performance, and the following night’s performance at Hull City Hall. Viewed by the band as the superior performance, Hull’s live footage had to be shelved because the first four tracks were absent a bass line. But with the help of some new audio technology, engineers have mended the damaged tracks by mixing in the bass lines from the Leeds’ performance.


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