Watch: White Lies tease new album, Ritual (CoS Premiere)

White Lies have already been teasing their new album, Ritual, albeit in an unofficial capacity. A new video teaser for the album makes it official, and we have it exclusively below.

It’s the first of six teasers, and you’ll probably just be confused, but here we are. Filmed in Mexico and set to “Bigger Than Us”, the new single you may have already heard, the clip involves a middle-aged American Indian (head full of feathers and everything) picking up garbage off a dirty city street. This is interspersed with footage of the band, of course, because it’s all part of the message, presumably.

Hopefully White Lies can continue where Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Fridays left off and release a teaser every week until the album comes out next month, January 18th, via Geffen/Fiction Records


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