Adventure detail sophomore album, Lesser Known

Die-hard fans of chiprock, 8-bit dance, or just about anything that reminds you of playing Mega Man as a kid may have already gravitated towards Adventure. Their first self-titled album is stuffed with fist pumping music that always feels like the end boss — initially rewarding, but if you have to play it again, it proves frustrating. However on their 2nd full length LP Lesser Known, this Wham City group (Dan Deacon’s Baltimore music collective) has stepped up to Carpark Records (Dan Deacon, Beach House, Tory y Moi, Cloud Nothings, et al…) and are expanding their once lyricless, bandless sound.

For Lesser Known, Adventure’s man behind the controls Benny Boeldt will remain true to his core aesthetic, but promises songs that touch on atmospheric vibes, citing M83, New Order, and Nu Shooz as jumping off points. Most excitingly though, Boeldt promises a tour with a full band in support his new album, which will hit shelves March 22nd. Check out the tracklist below.

Lesser Known tracklist:
1. Open Door
2. Feels Like Heaven
3. Smoke And Mirrors
4. Fool’s Paradise
5. Rio
6. Lights Out
7. Relax The Mind
8. Another World
9. Electric Eel
10. Meadows


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