Best Coast – "Crazy For You"

“By now, you’ve joined the Best Coast camp. You must have! If you didn’t catch ‘em when they swept through your city on one of three or four tours over the past year, then you definitely caught the trio on J-Fal a few weeks back. There’s no resistance, really. They work with chummy melodies, Bethany Cosentino makes Jenny Lewis look like yesterday’s news (it’s true, right?), and their sunny cadence just oozes of charm. It’s sort of impossible to hate this band.

Having just watched their new video for “Crazy for You”, it only solidifies the above argument. Featuring lolz cats galore (via I Can Has Cheezburger, who debuted the short), this Wes Anderson-inspired clip does a lot in under two minutes. A cat directs the band, one rocks out next to Cosentino, and another even shares “cat nip” with the straggly mess that’s Bobb Bruno. It’s funny, it’s addictive, and it’s fitting. Cosentino makes it no secret that she loves cats – you’ve heard of Snacks, right? – so why wouldn’t she do this? Sure, the lolz meme might be old and passe´at this point, but here it’s a warm delight, especially given the clusterfuck weather we’re “enjoying” these days.”

– Michael Roffman

Consequence of Sound

Directed By: Bob Harlow

Director of Photography: Brian Fawcett


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