Björk, Kate Bush putting out new music this year

We hope you like iconic female singer-songwriters, because a couple of them will be back with new material in 2011. One of them is Iceland’s biggest American celebrity Björk, who last put out an album four years ago with Volta. Bear with us because this information comes from an Icelandic interview translated into Spanish, then into English, and retrieved from Facebook, but it seems pretty straightforward.

On December 31st, Björk said of the new album, planned for this spring, in Icelandic newspaper Fréttablaðið, “I’m halfway there.” She continued, “I will leave now the 10th of January and hope to be the turning point. So hopefully be able to be on tour in the fall.” Basically, we can garner she’s in the studio now finishing up the record and that a tour will follow the record’s completion, which is fantastic news. Of her experience making the record, Björk said (sort of), “I have some bad experience with a number of things before them. I’m very superstitious. Then I go into the studio with a plan to go do what I have in mind and then the idea is half dead.”

Björk talked collaborators in the interview, but let loose only on work with none other than National Geographic, with which she has some history. The songwriter well known for her dynamism also hinted, unshockingly, the upcoming album will sound different from her previous work, which really isn’t saying much for Björk.

Also making her mark on 2011, according to TwentyFourBit, will be English singer-songwriter Kate Bush, who hasn’t released an LP since 2005’s Aerial. Bush may not actually release a full-length album, but a representative who spoke with NME did not reveal exactly what format the new release(s) will boast.


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