Check Out: Ed Sharpe’s Alex Ebert’s "Truth"

In this day on age, you’ve really got to pounce on people’s attention spans to make sure they hear you. Just ask Alex Ebert. We just recently reported that the 32-year-old singer-songwriter – better known as the frontman of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – would be releasing a solo album, but now we already have our first taste of the effort.

Streaming at Spinner is the clip for “Truth”, and if the cut from Alexander proves anything, it’s that Ebert doesn’t sound so lonely when he works on tunes sans the 10-person line up of his other band. The song was recorded entirely by Ebert, opens with some mighty fine whistling, and features a slow-pulse bass line throughout every one of it’s four minutes. The singer sports his own special brand of rap-singing as he delivers verses that are characterized by a barrage of rhyming syllables and occasional bursts of punctuated enthusiasm. There’s also some awesome falsetto and overlapping vocal lines at the end to cap it all off.

Ebert says that it took a year to record the entire album himself – with sessions taking place in hotels and his Los Angeles bedroom – and that Alexander was just a result of his love for the craft. “I just love writing songs, and I love recording,” he said, “I just love doing that so I wrote an album.”

Alexander hits stores March 1st via Community Music.


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