Check Out: New Middle Brother track, "Me Me Me"

The indie folk supergroup now known as Middle Brother has given us another listen at their upcoming self-titled debut. The first taste of the band, consisting of Matthew Vasquez of Delta Spirit, Deer Tick frontman John McCauley, and Dawes’ Taylor Goldsmith (with his brother Griffin providing percussion), was the downbeat and gloomy “Daydreaming.” This new one, “Me Me Me,” shows a completely different side of the group. From the get-go, distorted guitars and plucky, plinking keys provide a far more playful atmosphere. The track feels like it was improvised amongst the smells of beer and sweat of an old-time Southern dancehall dive. It just has that overtly fun feel, perhaps from juxtaposition with “Daydreaming”, perhaps from simply being a damn enjoyable tune. See for yourself, and check out the debut record from the project on March 1st.

Hat tip to Crawdaddy for audio support.


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