Check Out: New R.E.M., “Oh My Heart”

Our third taste of R.E.M.‘s forthcoming album Collapse Into Now comes in the form of “Oh My Heart”, a twangy acoustic number with a decidedly folklorico spin. Speaking with NPR, which debut the track, frontman Michael Stipe described it as “a very quiet and very meditative song dedicated to New Orleans — about New Orleans.”

“Jacknife [Lee] is great as a producer, because he saw that we were struggling with what is a very quiet song. We were standing really far away from each other in the room, and it was hard not only to actually physically hear each other, but it felt dispersed. He brought us into the middle, and instantly, of course, the song worked.”

Stream “Oh My Heart” thataway. Also, tastes #1 and #2 (aka “Discoverer” and “It Happened Today”) can be heard here and here, respectively. And while we’re on the topic, please don’t forget to check out Stipe and Patti Smith’s recent “walk-in” performance at the MoMA. It’s pretty incredible.

Collapse Into Now arrives March 8th via Warner Bros.


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