Check Out: Nicki Minaj feat. Lil Wayne – "Roman's Revenge 2.0"

There’s a lot one can say about Lil Wayne; the newly launched Popdust refers to him as a “Dylan-of-rap eccentric,” a description that would probably sit well with Bill Clinton. He also has stunning taste in footwear. He also makes everyone around him look foolish, both when it comes to quality and quantity.

For Weezy’s latest post-prison venture (his second in the last 24 hours), the celebrated MC hops on a remix of Nicki Minaj’s “Roman’s Revenge”. On the original, Eminem spits what our Winston Robbins deems “the most venomous track” on the Minaj’s Pink Friday. On the remix, Weezy matches Mathers output and makes it look easy in the process.

So, you know how we keep saying 2k11 is the year of Wayne? Ready to believe us now?

Image via 24 Hour Hip Hop; Audio support via Miss Info.


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