Check Out: Wiz Khalifa feat. Snoop Dogg – "That Good"

It looks like Cameron Jabril Thomaz – aka Wiz Khalifa – learned a thing or two from being charged with drug possession. If you’re short term memory has taken a hit, then you probably don’t remember that police raided the 23-year-old Pittsburgh-based rapper’s bus back in November. Some of us speculated that the raid may have been a response to a Twitter message that Thomaz sent, but Wiz shuts his tweeter and chooses to express his love for the sticky stuff on tape on this latest track, “That Good”. (via 2DopeBoyz)

The nearly four-minute cut is an ode to the green stuff that opens with Snoop Dogg explaining his very organic method of growing marijuana. “Trees prepared and properly cultivated,” he raps, “I nursed ’em/ sprayed down/ no chemicals.” While it’s awesome to hear about Snoop’s commitment to sustainable farming, the best part about the laid-back track is being able to zen out to the spacey production, which is complete with synthy blips, whizzes, and whirls.

The song is set to be on the soundtrack to the duo’s new movie – High School – which is set for release on April 20th (aka 4/20/2011). It’s available for your listening pleasure below.


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