Coheed and Cambria hint at 10th anniversary tour

In early 2010, Coheed and Cambria revived their mythos, and careers, with the release of Year of the Black Rainbow. After providing the customary prequel, the guys are gearing up to bring The Armory Wars full circle during ”An Evening With Coheed and Cambria”. The affair is a celebration of 10 years of progression, so they are still keeping quiet on some of the details. Instead, leaving some clues to decipher.

Prior to the side-scrolling announcement, the banner reads “NEVERENDER::SSTB”. Bringing to mind the band’s 2002 debut LP The Second Stage Turbine Blade, and 2008’s “Neverender Tour” — which saw the band perform all four episodes across four nights in four select international cities. So yeah, this announcement has some potential.

The dates will occur somewhere and sometime this spring, but we’ll keep the rest of the speculation up to you. All other details will be released January 10th at 1pm EST via their countdown.


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