Dave Rowntree says Blur are “trying to put something in place"

Coachella lineups getting announced this week make the days ahead the perfect environment for speculation and rumors. With that in mind, have a look at this bit of news: In a new interview with Gigwise, Blur drummer Dave Rowntree revealed that the band has been discussing ideas over the past few weeks and are “trying to put something in place.”

He’s not very sure what that something is, but he seems to all the pieces are in place for it to work. “We’ve got all our mates back, and that’s the main thing,” he said, “That’s the one thing we don’t want to lose.”

Fans who wet their pants during Blur’s 2009 reunion – which featured original guitarist Graham Coxon – may be getting by on a nine-month old single, but they shouldn’t exactly hold out hope that the bands is recording their first LP in almost eight years. While Damon Albarn seemed to think Blur would be in the studio this month, Rowntree said the group is taking baby steps. “We’re dipping our toes in the water, which is why we did the single in the way we did,” he said. “What I do know is that we don’t want to commit ourselves to anything vast at the moment.”

What “vast” exactly means remains to be seen, but the one thing that is for sure is that we’ll be seeing a lot of Blur headlines in 2011. “I would say something is definitely say something is going to happen [this year], Rowntree said to close the interview, “Quite when, I don’t know, and quite what I don’t know – but yes, we’re all back together again and great mates.”

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