Documentary starring Sufjan Stevens waiting for release

In the end, one could say life comes down to Point A, Point B, and everything that happens in between. Sufjan Stevens has almost definitively moved from Point A to Point B in is musical career from his experimental beginnings, to his seminal State albums, to his … current Point B. But journeys musical are often informed by journeys personal, which is what filmmaker Kaleo La Belle intends to show in his road trip documentary Crooked River.

The film, directed by childhood friend La Belle, stars Sufjan and his brother Marzuki as they take a trip from New York to Michigan to see their father who, at the time of filimg in 2006, they haven’t seen in years. A newer trailer for the film is up on YouTube which piqued our interest, however the PR for the production company said there are no plans for the movie to see a release in the future.

But in case you didn’t hear, Sufjan Steven’s has helped to provide the score to another Kaleo La Bell joint, Beyond This Place. That doc chronicles La Bell’s overdue reunion with his father after 30 years of absence and is currently making the rounds at festivals across the US. For all current updates on either project, check out their respective Facebook pages here, and here. Also check the new trailer for Crooked River with Sufjan touting his Pac-Man skills below.


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