Eminem nabs role in gritty crime thriller

While this year has been stellar musically for Eminem, including the well-received Recovery album and a string of recent collaborations, one can’t forget that Mr. Mathers also has aspirations of being an actor. With one knockout role already announced, Em has netted himself another role in a 20th Century Fox crime thriller entitled Random Acts of Violence, reports Vulture. Does he have it in him to get dark like that?!

The film originally started out with the intentions of being a cinematic re-telling of Grand Theft Auto, but when Rockstar Games wouldn’t sell the rights to Fox, they scrapped the idea and went with a rewrite that would have seen a character named Emile steal a high-end cars in order to help salvage his failing repo business (so 8 Mile meets Gone In 60 Seconds?) Deciding otherwise, Fox brought in writer-director David Van Ancken (of Showtime’s Californication) to rewrite the script, making it more of a spiritual cousin to The Departed. In the film, Em will start as an ex-con fresh out of jail, being fought over by his old gang and the FBI while he attempts to exact revenge on all involved parties. Color us interested.

Fox is still having the script tweaked, but rumors are that Van Ancken will return once the script has been finished to direct the flick. More details as they become available.


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