Former Voxtrot frontman drops with solo EP

It seems a shame that the Ramesh Srivastava-led Voxtrot were only able to complete a lone LP during their seven years; a tenure (fairly) definitively concluded via Srivastava’s message to fans April 2010. While the page has turned on the once uber-hyped Austin outfit, Srivastava is back with a chapter all his own.

Over at the singer/songwriter’s humorously titled website, fans can check out the three tracks that so-far complete EP1. Accompanied with a written introduction that ends with the line, “Close to the ocean, you are almost touching God; in the middle you wonder where He is,” and sports a serene landscape, listeners are transported to a place of wonder and sunshine — nice for us stuck in arctic-like conditions. Each track captures Srivastava’s lyrical eloquence, but the underlying music shifts between slow moving indie-rock to near danceable levels. The track titles can be found below.

And for the most devout of Voxtrot fans, the band’s farewell note also contains a sentiment of hope: “This is not to say that Voxtrot will never play again, and certainly, if Voxtrot has never been to your country (or continent) we are open to ideas”. So, maybe the guys are just staying busy waiting for the right offer?

EP1 Tracklist:
01. The King
02. Romeo (Void)
03. Recording Heathen Earth

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