Grateful Dead get their own video game

There have been a lot of musicians wanting to explore the realm of video games in the past few years. Aside from the obvious Rock Band and Guitar Hero and their respective single-band spin-offs, games such as 50 Cent’s “Bulletproof” explore different genres of games (though I can’t make any claims as to the actual…quality of the games). This time, it’s the Grateful Dead who are ready to throw their hat in.

According to Rolling Stone, the game, which will be created in partnership with designer Curious Sense (who previously released an REO Speedwagon game), will feature pretty much everything about the band: their music, likenesses, artwork, video, and photography. That, and their “themes”, “including Americana, the old West, gambling, Biblical tales, nature, space, and journeys.”

If you’re expecting a rhythm-style game in a similar style to Rock Band, however, get those thoughts out of your head. From the looks of it, the game’s going to be similar to a “party” game: mini-game after mini-game, without any particular focus on one style of gameplay.

What’s particularly interesting about it, though, is that they want to make it as interactive as they can. This means that the action won’t just be on your console but outside of it as well. For example, one game might include taking pictures of a Grateful Dead sticker on a Volkswagen camper using your mobile phone (uh…have fun with that).

There isn’t yet any release date on it, even a vague one. Right now, we know that the game will be multi-platform, so you won’t have to worry too much if your Xbox 360 is red ring of death’d.


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