Green Day want you to know they're Awesome As Fuck


As we reported last month, Green Day will issue its second live effort this March. Now we have the details. Titled Awesome As Fuck, the CD/DVD set features all the highlights from the band’s recent (and incredibly successful) 21st Century Breakdown Tour. In other words, these aren’t from one particular show. They span the group’s whole tour, everywhere from London to Glasgow, Japan to Germany, and, naturally, California, too.

Unlike 2005’s Bullet in a Bible, the set draws heavily on rarities. In addition to popular singles then and now, Green Day threw in real oldies like “Pasalaqua” and “Holden Caulfield”, alongside “new” song, “Cigarettes and Valentines”. If you opt for the digital releases, you’ll find some real rare live gems like “Letterbomb” (arguably the best song off of 2004’s American Idiot, just sayin’), “Paper Lanterns”, and old-school favorite, “Christie Road”.

On top of all this, they’re throwing in a DVD of their live set recorded in Tokyo. So, that should hold you over until they follow up their 2009 effort. Hopefully it won’t be as long a gap as it was between American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown. Hopefully.

Awesome As Fuck will be available everywhere March 22nd via Reprise Records.

Awesome As Fuck Tracklist:
01. 21st Century Breakdown – (London, England)
02. Know Your Enemy – (Manchester, England)
03. East Jesus Nowhere – (Glasgow, Scotland)
04. Holiday – (Dublin, Ireland)
05. Gloria – (Dallas, Texas)
06. Cigarettes And Valentines – (Phoenix, Arizona)
07. Burnout – (Irvine, California)
08. Pasalaqua – (Chula Vista, California )
09. JAR – (Detroit, Michigan – August 23rd 2010)
10. Holden Caulfield – (New York, New York)
11. Geek Stink Breath – (Saitama-shi, Japan)
12. When I Come Around – (Berlin, Germany)
13. She – (Brisbane, Australia – December 8th 2009)
14. 21 Guns – (Mountain View, California)
15. American Idiot – (Montreal, QUE)
16. Wake Me Up – (Nickelsdorf, Austria)
17. Good Riddance – (Nickelsdorf, Austria)

Deluxe Edition (All Digital Retailers, Except iTunes Bonus Tracks)
01. Letterbomb – (Chula Vista, California)
02. Christie Road – (Hartford, Connecticut)

iTunes Bonus Tracks
01. Letterbomb – (Chula Vista, California)
02. Christie Road – (Hartford, Connecticut)
03. Paper Lanterns/2000 Light Years Away – (Alpharetta, Georgia) (iTunes Exclusive)

21st Century Breakdown
Know Your Enemy
East Jesus Nowhere
Static Age
Blvd. Of Broken Dreams
Geek Stink Breath
Welcome To Paradise
When I Come Around
21 Guns
American Eulogy
Jesus Of Suburbia
Good Riddance