Joe Jonas says Daft Punk influenced his solo LP

For your OMFG of the day, we would like to present Mr. Joseph Adam Jonas. Proving that it’s really hard to get attention being the middle child, MTV News is reporting that the 21-year-old guitarist of The Jonas Brothers cites Daft Punk and their contribution to Tron: Legacy as one of his upcoming solo album’s biggest influences.

“I love their music,” Jonas says. “I just listen to a bunch of stuff that you dance to, kind of electro-based [music].” He added that Justice, Frankmusik, and “a lot of Electro DJs out in Europe” are influencing his tastes as well and that he set out to create a more adult-contemporary album before moving towards a dance-oriented sound. “[Danja and I] have been able to collaborate on something that really works for me,” says Jonas, “when people hear it, hopefully they’ll be able to dance and have a good time.”

While we were still admittedly too busy regretting our decision to leave his band’s latest album – Lines, Vines, & Trying Times – off of our year end best albums list in 2009, we really had no idea that the bearded JoBro even had a solo disc coming. Produced by Timbaland protégé Danja, the LP could be released before the year is over.


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