Last Night: Nicki Minaj hits Saturday Night Live

It’s been pretty obvious all along that Nicki Minaj has a knack for theatrics, and last night’s performance on Saturday Night Live did nothing but confirm that. The pink princess performed two songs, “Right Thru Me” and “Moment 4 Life”, off of her recent album Pink Friday, and both saw Minaj all dolled up in flamboyant attire. The former included a ballgown and the latter a rainbow bodysuit, with pink smoke engulfing the stage for both songs.

Besides her musical numbers, Minaj demonstrated her acting chops, as she also appeared in two sketches. In the first, she played (black) Frankenstein’s wife and divided equal time yelling at her monster husband and shaking her ass. In the second, she joined The Lonely Island in the digital short for their latest effort “The Creep”.

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“Right Thru Me”

“Moment 4 Life”


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