Memphis announce new album, Here Comes A City

Torquil Campbell and Chris Dumont haven’t spent much time together as of late. Campbell, in particular, has been busy with the success of his other band, Stars. But this year, the attention will swing back towards Memphis when the duo release their third album, Here Comes A City, on March 8th through Arts and Crafts.

The album, which takes its title from a song by the Go-Betweens, was recorded in a scenic fashion over a three-year period in New York, Montreal, Seattle, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and Vancouver. Expect dark, dense, and troubled imagery to pop up all over this record, along with acknowledgments of the two musicians’ nomadic nature.

On the band, Campbell said, “Memphis has been a reason for me and Chris to hang out over the years, and this continues to be its major function. We have a gang; there are two members of it; the gang is called Memphis. It’s kind of stupid for two grown men to have a gang based around bicycles and pop music and weed and friendship, but we do, so fuck it. And we encourage others, by our example, to form a gang of their own and be with their friends, and write their memories down in the form of songs.”

Of those songs, two are already available for listening. You can check out the first single, “I Want The Lights On After Dark”, for the price of an email address here. And if you pre-order the album through, you’ll also receive a free download of the cheerfully titled “Apocalypse Pop Song”.

Here Comes A City Tracklist:
01. Here Comes A City
02. Apocalypse Pop Song
03. I Want The Lights On After Dark
04. Five Loops
05. What Is This Thing Called?
06. I Am The Photographer
07. Reservoir
08. Wait!
09. Way Past Caring
10. M+E=ME


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