Michael Stipe lends talents for Patton Oswalt's new audio book

It’s Friday, so, fun little diversion time. Patton Oswalt stopped by The Adam Corolla show the other day to talk about his first book Zombie Spaceship Wasteland. While there, Oswalt and Carolla shot the shit about many things, but began the segment with a good old diatribe about R.E.M. and Michael Stipe. Things digressed to Toto and the Squeeze song “Pulling Mussles”, but some funny and pithy music topics are breached. Most interestingly, Stipe actually lent his voice talent to Oswalt in the audio version of his book by reading his own lyrics from a section of the book. Stipe obsessives and Oswalt fans can pick up the audio version of the book on iTunes.

Check out The Adam Corrola Show (via Murmurs) right here. Oswalt’s segment starts at 31:00 or so.


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