Quintron offers a taste of Sucre Du Sauvage this April

For most artists, the recording process is an intimate experience that sees them locked away from the world months at a time. However, in the case of Quintron and the creation of his new record, Sucre De Sauvage, the New Orleans-based “Swamp-Tech” musician chose to go an entirely different route; he set up shop at the New Orleans Museum of Art. And who said museums have to be boring?

In a display entitled “Parallel Universe – Quintron and Miss Pussycat Live in City Park”, Quintron recorded the album from January 29th through May 2nd, 2010 in a completely public gallery space. The aim, according to Quintron, was to shut out the public and ignore them, rather than entertain. However, museum-goers did get a chance to make their voices heard by acting as backing vocalists and providing hand claps.

Along with some help from mom and the kiddies, Quintron also spent the last seven days of the exhibit roaming around the New Orleans City Park taking field recordings. That journey outside led to the album’s split nature; part one features Quintron writing the way he usually does but with far wider instrumentation, with tympani, vibraphone, whistling, and tape loops joining the ranks of Drum Buddy and electric organ. Part two, on the other hand, features the the musician blending the sounds of nature and various electronic and acoustic instruments.

Check out the tracklist below. Quintron will also be touring the U.S. with CAVE and Jeff The Brotherhood in the coming months, so stay tuned for more info on those dates as they’re announced. Sucre Du Sauvage hits stores April 12th via Goner Records.

Sucre Du Sauvage Tracklist:
01. Ring The Alarm
02. Face Down in the Gutter
03. New Years Night (Boogie Children)
04. Kicked Out of Zolar X
05. Banana Beat
06. Sucre Du Sauvage
07. All Night Right of Way
08. Spirit Hair
09. Elevator
10. Deer in the Clouds
11. Bells
12. Train Ride
13. Jazz Bar
14. Morning


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