Rainbow Arabia announce debut album, Boys and Diamonds

Experimental pop artists Rainbow Arabia are blurring boundaries with their unconventional sound that blends together somewhat traditional pop music with beats and rhythms from around the world. Already well known for an eclectic roster of artists, German label Kompakt took notice and gave Danny and Tiffany Preston a brand-spanking new home for their full-length debut release, Boys and Diamonds. The album was written, performed, and recorded at the duo’s home studio Muppet Palace and includes appearances by fellow musicians and friends such as drummer Butchy Fuego of The Boredoms and M.I.A. fame. Boys and Diamonds is scheduled for release on March 1st via Kompakt. For a sneak peek of what’s to come, stream the album’s first single, “Without You”, below.

Boys and Diamonds Tracklist:
01. Boys and Diamonds
02. Without You
03. Nothin Gonna Be Undone
04. Blind
05. Papai
06. Jungle Bear
07. Hai
08. Mechanical
09. This Life is Practice
10. Sayer
11. Sequence


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