She & Him – "Don't Look Back"

She & Him are just so gosh darn cute. Zooey Deschanel’s bangs aside, proof of said adorableness can be found in their videos. Whether it’s the cupie doll winks and hula hoops of “In The Sun” or the foreign flick directed by toddlers that is “Thieves”, it’s hard not to ohhh and awww a bit when the duo show up in an embedded box. For their new “Don’t Look Back” clip, Mrs. Ben Gibbard and M. Ward continue the trend with another psuedo ’50s-inspired round of cheek-pinching cuteness, this time with cloning (multiple Zooey Deschanels are called Deschaneli), plastic furniture, holograms, robotic keyboard players, BBQs, and, of course, mass choreographed dance parties. Check out the video above and try not to pass out from the sugar rush.

-Chris Coplan
Consequence of Sound

Directed by: Jeremy Konner
Director of Photography: Logan Schneider


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