Swizz Beatz owes IRS $2.6 million in back taxes

While the rap game is all about reminding the opposition of how much money you have, not every big name in the biz is walking around like they just knocked over a bank. Case in point: hip-hop super DJ Swizz Beatz. According to Yo Raps, Beatz (whose real name is Kasseem Dean) currently owes the IRS a total of $2.6 million in back taxes (that’s a huge chunk of change for a new teacher to owe.)

Dean’s financial troubles reportedly began back in 2008 when the IRS placed two liens on him and then-wife Mashonda Tifrere. Since then, a total of six liens have been placed on the producer extraordinaire, who also recently paid $334,000 to Tifrere in alimony and child support. According to a statement from Swizz’s lawyer, they’re been “discussing the issue with the government for years and are currently negotiating an amicable resolution of the dispute.” Mr. Beatz, if we could offer a word of warning: Wesley Snipes. That is all.


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