Times New Viking move to Merge, announce Dancer Equired

After partying with Matador, Ohio’s Times New Viking are now joining the likes of Arcade Fire, She & Him, Superchunk, and The Mountain Goats at Merge Records. The lo-fi threesome will consummate the new relationship with their first album in over 18 months, Dancer Equired.

Produced with assistance from Adam Smith and Dustin White, the band’s fifth LP marks the first time the trio recorded in a studio. The album doesn’t drop until April 26th, but the first single “No Room to Live” can be streamed below. If you happened to catch Times New Viking open for Guided by Voices last year the track may seem familiar, it was previously released as a tour-only 7″.

“No Room to Live” is accompanied by a new music video, directed by Brandon Reichard and Pelham Johnston. With production help from the band, and around 40 artists from Columbus, Ohio and elsewhere, the video was created by printing frames from actual video, then hand drawing, coloring or decorating the frames, before putting it all back together. The end result, which you can check out below, is a vast improvement over the video for “Teen Spirit in Hell”.

Check Out:
“No Room to Live”


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