Today on Cluster 1: CoS News, Jeffery Novak video premiere, short films, etc. (1/15)

Cluster C1 manchester orchestra concert

    If Jersey Shore reruns don’t tickle your fancy, then spend your weekend watching our new online video channel, Cluster 1. Here are some current highlights:

    — Our host with the most, Mr. Sami Jarroush, offers a Cluster 1 News Update, featuring stories on the passing of Broadcast singer Trish Keenan, Panda Bear’s new album, the possible return of Rothbury, and more.

    Cluster 1 premieres a brand new clip from Cheap Time’s Jeffery Novak.

    — Also check out videos from The Dutchess & The Duke, The Pass, Little Baby Films, and Fergus & Geronimo.

    — Poet Laureate, Billy Collins’ poem, “The Art of Drowning”, gets adapted into glorious, rotoscope animation.

    — Short films Inseam and Nothing to Fear.

    — Want a constant stream of musical goodness? Check out our Channel, featuring over 30 music videos, a couple of interviews, and other nifty clips, all crammed together in one non-stop barrage of visual and aural stimulation.

    — Don’t forget to to follow us @cluster1tv and on Facebook.

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