Watch: Best Coast turn up “Boyfriend” on Fallon

Those words “Network Television Debut” hold a lot of weight these days. For all the apparent ubiquity Best Coast garnered in 2010, it’s easy to forget how many people don’t know the band’s summer soundtrack Crazy For You, or lead singer Bethany Cosentino, or her celebricat Snacks, or her predilection for kushy weed, or her so-fucking-cute-I-want-to-vomit relationship with Wavves singer Nathan Williams. If this is your first time chilling with Best Coast, you’re in luck.

The trio turned up their single “Boyfriend” on Fallon last night, turning in a punchy and clear sound — a sound that almost belies their record’s hazy and sloppy vibes. But truly, Best Coast has never sounded better, and for their TV debut, I’d expect @bestycoastyy to get a couple more followers after this one. Check out the video above. (Scroll to the 38:35 mark.)

Cosentino and her bona fide boyfriend Nathan Williams will take their respective bands on the road this spring in a co-headlining tour together. And if that doesn’t get you groaning, the two bands are offering up a split 7″ with two exclusive tracks available only at the merch table on the road. Check out the dates here.

P.S. Last night also saw J-Fal and Gwyneth Paltrow renew their collaborative efforts as R&B group Shazzazz. Check out that clip below:


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