Watch: Pavement on Ace of Cakes

Hear a catchy song from an old band you like on the radio, and you might find yourself scouring through boxes to listen to their CD again. Come across a show like Cupcake Wars on the Food Network, and you might find yourself baking chocolate cupcakes from scratch at three in the morning. What the hell does one have to do with the other? Bear with me here.

Ace of Cakes is about a group of cake-makers working to make ornate and high-profile cakes, often on a tight deadline. Their recipients range from charities to zoos and everything in between. This time, however, their order was from a little indie band called Pavement.

To celebrate their reunion tour, Pavement commissioned the Baltimore pastry chefs to throw something together for their concert at Central Park Summerstage. The resulting work of art–and seriously, it is art–was a hand-painted white horse cake sculpture, the designs inspired by the album artwork of their Greatest Hits album. The flavor chosen for the cake was intentional as well: mud slide, in recognition of their early song “Debris Slide”. Clever.

Check out the deliciousness at, and try not to get too hungry. Seriously. This show will make you get fat.


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