Watch: Peter Bjorn & John – "Breaker, Breaker"

For their sixth album, Gimme Some, Peter Bjorn & John decided to go and make a fun, party-orientated record. An album that, according to a recent interview with Spin, would focus on “going back to basics — guitar, bass, drums”, more akin to their indie-centric 2006 release, Writer’s Block, which featured the band’s enormous hit, “Young Folks”. In our first taste off the LP, the band delves back into their energetic roots with the 98-second video for their single, “Breaker, Breaker” (via TwentyFourBit). Visually, prepare yourself for a case of whiplash as the band frantically rocks out, as if they were sped up 75% or were currently tweaking. Sonically, though, it’s as if The Ramones had moved to Sweden and made pop-rock love songs (though, according to Peter Morén, John Erikkson actually wrote the song about a journalist he hates…ouch.) If you like what you hear, you can grab your very own MP3 copy below. For those itching for more, Gimme Some hits stores March 29th via StarTime International.


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