Watch: R.E.M. – “Mine Smell Like Honey”

For as many previews as we have of R.E.M‘s forthcoming Collapse Into Now, the iconic alt-rockers have yet to put one to video. (Sorry, lyrics videos don’t count.) But that changes today, as the band unveils a clip for their new album’s first radio single, “Mine Smell Like Honey”. The video was directed by Dominic DeJoseph, who also handled clips for R.E.M.’s “Bittersweet Me” and “New Test Leper”, and according to bassist Mike Mills, “it’s a reference to the old Buster Keaton silent film kind of days of pratfalls and just watching people look like they’re getting hurt when they’re really not.” Check it out for yourself above.

Collapse Into Now hits stores March 8th via Warner Bros.


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