Watch: The Wildbirds – "This Is Our Town" (Cluster 1 Premiere)

When one thinks of rock and roll capitals, New York and Los Angeles immediately come to mind. In the case of The Wildbirds, Milwaukee, WI is home, and they’re more than ready to rep Brew City to the fullest with their live EP, When I’m With My Friends. Written and recorded in a living room in Milwaukee over the course of October 2010 from what began as a simple house party (don’t they always spiral out of control?), each track for the album will have a corresponding live video. But while you’ll have to wait for the EP to hit iTunes in March, the band will be dropping a new song/video every week on their official site.

Of course, Cluster 1 is more than happy to premiere the first entry with “This Is Our Town” (which happens to feature Nathaniel Markman from Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros on fiddle). Shot like a grainy home movie, it’s a down-home good time with music, friends, some pretty ladies, and a really awesome dog that will actually make you think you were there. Except you weren’t invited.

But, you can always imagine.

Check it out at Cluster 1.

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