2011 DeLuna Fest to become the “first resort destination festival”

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delunalogo 2011 DeLuna Fest to become the first resort destination festival

Every music festival has a hook — an aesthetic cologne that attracts just the right kind of concertgoer. Whether it’s the acts, the location, the amenities, the accommodations, or the price of beer and water, each of the thousands of music festivals across the world strive to cultivate their brand and separate themselves from those that came before it, and those that will try to imitate it. Enter DeLuna Music Festival and watch them flip the script on the whole thing.

On the shores of Pensacola, FL, the 2011 DeLuna Music Festival is replacing tents, RVs, and trunks of cars with first class ocean-side resort hotels to become the first resort destination festival, with hotels actually apart of the festival grounds. Nicholas Bodkins, founding member of the promotional company behind DeLuna, Five Flags Tourism Group, spoke at a press conference earlier this week.

“Think camping festival, but instead of tents and mud, you have comfortable beds in an air-conditioned room, instead of cold food, there’s room service…” After its inaugural year in 2010, the beach festival’s grounds will remain mostly on the beach, where the two main stages will be, but will include surrounding hotels like The Hilton and Holiday Inn as part of the festival-going experience.

“Resort Hotel packages will go on-sale March 15th at 10 a.m. on our website, Three-Night and Four-Night packages will be available on a tiered basis, based on which hotel you choose, as well as the size of the room and the view.” Besides the obvious comfort and convenience factor, Bodkins mentions the various perks of this fact including charging merchandise to your room, room service, and late night electronic music stages inside the hotels.

In addition to the swagged out accommodations, DeLuna is also expanding the festival to include six stages of music, featuring performances on the resort pool decks where “festival attendees can experience unique performances from singer-songwriters and DJs throughout the day, and even more entertainment into the evening.”

With last year’s lineup being a mixed bag of mainstream heavy weights and new comers, 2011’s lineup hopes to see DeLuna sharpening their tastes in music selection. Bodkins says he’s honing in on “well-established headliners and breakout alternative and indie rock acts… music rooted in the south like New Orleans Jazz, Blues and Southern rock. Expect to hear music from more jam bands that embody the laid-back beach attitude, and electronic music and amazing talent from all over the world.”

More detailed information will be available at the festival’s website in the coming weeks, with a lineup announcement due late May. We’ll be sure to update our Festival Outlook page on the festival as soon as we know anything. In the meantime, mark your calendars, The DeLuna Music Festival is set for October 13th-16th in Pensacola, FL.

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