Against Me! to release collection of demos

As Against Me! continues to reshape and grow into a powerful, legendary pop-punk band, one always remembers their roots as anti-establishment cow-punks. Their 2005 album, Searching For A Former Clarity, saw hints of their forthcoming shift, and Tom Gabel and Co. want you to hear the full extent of that recording session. reports that the new release, entitled Total Clarity, will include 15 unreleased demos (“and some demos that got leaked, wink, wink“) featuring songs both on and off of Former Clarity. The band released a similar album of demos titled The Original Cowboy for their 2003 release The Eternal Cowboy. Looks like we’ve got a couple more plays on album names up ahead. Old Wave, anyone?

Revisit your Bush-era angst when Total Clarity is released on May 24th, via Fat Wreck Records. Check out the tracklist below.

Total Clarity Tracklist:
1. Miami
2. The Shaker
3. Justin
4. Exhaustion & Disgust
5. Unprotected Sex With Multiple Partners
6. The Energizer
7. Violence
8. The Mover
9. How Low
10. Joy
11. Holy Shit
12. Lost And Searching In America
13. Problems
14. Money Changes Everything
15. Total Clarity


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