Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba forms new band, The Hell

When Dante Alighieri took his epic journey through the afterlife, he started in the Inferno of Hell, working his way up to the Paradise of Heaven. Alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba has taken a decidedly different route. In 2006, he formed the short-lived band Heavens, with Josiah Steinbrick of the hardcore act F-Minus. Now, Skiba has announced the formation of a new band on Twitter: “Just started a new rock band with Atom Willard. Be on the look-out for The Hell people!”

That’s really all we know about the new project so far. Adam “Atom” Willard, for those unaware, is the current drummer of Angels & Airwaves, and former drummer of Rocket From The Crypt, Social Distortion, and The Offspring. With Angels & Airwaves founder Tom DeLonge back working with Blink-182, it looks like Willard has found something to occupy his time.

Skiba’s last religiously-monikered unit only lasted one record, so we’ll see if he can get more out of the bottomless pit than he did the happy hunting grounds. We’ll be sure to fill you in as more information is made available.


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