Former Smashing Pumpkins bassist arrested for drunk driving, outstanding warrants

It was not a week to remember for former Smashing Pumpkins bassist D’arcy Wretzky. reports that the 42-year-old Wretzky was arrested early Monday in South Haven, Michigan on suspicion of drunken driving after crashing her 2002 Audi sedan into a retaining wall.

Upon her arrest, Wretzky was also discovered to have had several outstanding bench warrants, stemming from her failure to appear in court on an original charge of animals running loose. TMZ reports that “several horses on her farm broke free… and ran amok in her town” in 2009, but that Wretzky failed to pay the ticket and missed four separate court appearances.

Wretzky was sentenced to six days in prison for her failure to appear in court, and she’ll remain in prison until February 14th. She then must appear in court on February 22nd for arraignment on the felony misdemeanor drunk-driving charge.


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