Freeebird #36 – Brooklyn!

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Cluster 1, meet bleubird – indie rapper and amateur documentarian traveling North America in a tricked-out RV and filming his journey for your amusement.  He’s been making these bad boys since July of 2010 and shows no signs of stopping. Check out his intro to the show, just for Cluster 1 HERE.

We’re going to jump right into the action and take you to Episode 36. Fear not, it’s a perfect jumping on point, this video is even called “New York: The Beginning”. Here’s what the man himself has to say about this episode:

I have always loved and been fascinated with New York city. My moms was born and raised in Flatbush, and before this every visit had been a short one. This night was only the beginning of my foray into the NY adventure. Way back when I did the Burro Bags video, Mr.Twachtman had informed me of this loft party. I originally thought I was going to miss it, but when plans changed it was apparent that fate had me by the balls. Why fight it? Freeebird!

The loft party features mic-blowing performances by: The Sleepies,  Muhammadali, and Chicken & Whiskey.

From here follow bleubird to Montreal, all the way to Kid Koala’s house and beyond!  Follow him on twitter too, and see where he’s traveling to next @bleubirdy.

Want to go back to the beginning, before the bird had 35 episodes worth of video editing under his belt?  Sure thing, adventure awaits you at: