Freeebird #39 & #40 – An Afternoon With Kid Koala

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    Cluster 1, meet bleubird – indie rapper and amateur documentarian traveling North America in a tricked-out RV and filming his journey for your amusement. He’s been making these bad boys since July of 2010 and shows no signs of stopping. Want to know more about the man and the mission? Check out his intro to the show, just for Cluster 1 HERE.

    This video is IN-DEPTH. Bleubird digs into the intricacies of Kid Koala‘s elaborate music workshop and massively creative lifestyle.  Truly he takes DJing and music making to a new level. There’s also an incredible behind the scenes look into Kid Koala’s stop-motion project about a mosquito trying to learn to play the jazz clarinet. Here’s what the Bird has to say:

    Kid Koala took some time out his day to show me around his house/studio and talk about some of his latest projects. He is definitely my mom’s favorite DJ, and one of the most creative and energetic people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I once saw him sing and play keyboard for a greenhouse full of plants before he rocked a crowd of 2000 . ALSO his generosity is UN-Matched, stay tuned for the contest…chalk full o’ ridiculous&hilarious!


    The Kid Koala contest is over, but there was a whole Freeebird episode devoted to Kid Koala brainstorming the contest. Check out Episode # 40 HERE.

    Tune in to Cluster 1 to follow Bleubird on his journeys. Follow him on twitter too, and see where he’s traveling to next @bleubirdy.

    Want to go back to the beginning? Sure thing, adventure awaits you at:


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