Fucked Up tap Ted Leo, Ben Gibbard, Mountain Goats for GG Allin tribute

In his very short life, GG Allin garnered fame and notoriety as a result of his not-so-traditional stage behavior. He was known to eat his own excrement and fight with audience members during performances, but the artists who revere him have often validated his odd demeanor by paying tribute to the legend by singing his praises and covering his songs. Ty Segall most recently did it by recording a version of Allin’s “Don’t Talk To Me” for Daytrotter, and The Lemonheads’ own Evan Dando even paid tribute to the late singer-songwriter on a covers disc two years ago.

Now The1stFive is reporting that Fucked Up recently tapped Ben Gibbard, Ted Leo, and Mountain Goats to help them lay down tracks for a “7-inch comprised entirely of ‘cleaned up’ GG Allin covers.” The compilation was curated by New Jersey-based non-commercial radio station, WFMU, and is available by making a pledge during the 52-year-old station’s upcoming fundraising drive, which runs from February 28-March 13.

If you’re not the type that supports local, community-based radio, then you can still get pumped up for the release of Fucked Up’s forthcoming studio album – David Comes To Life – by copping a 12-inch live release titled Coke Sucks. The title refers to frontman Damian Abraham’s disdain for Coca-Cola (apparently he’s a Pepsi fan), and the record is being released in a rainbow of colors: Red, black-and-white, salmon, gold, clear, to name a few.

Orders ship on March 10th and are available via Chunklet. David Comes To Life still doesn’t have a release date, but you can try for a copy of the GG Allin covers 7-inch by checking out the full details and making a pledge to WFMU here.


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