Hear new 50 Cent, “Old 2003 Ferrari” & “When It All Goes Down”

It’s a good thing 50 Cent picks his investments wisely because if he depended solely on his musical output, then he might go brok. Fiddy – whose real name is Curtis Jackson – hasn’t released a proper album since 2009’s not-so-hot Before I Self Destruct and has apparently been keeping himself busy by doing other things like pushing eyewear and wireless headphones. He did, however, take a break from his most reliable hustle — shoveling snow — to actually rap.

Complex has turned us on to two new tracks from the Queens-based rapper, and while “When It All Goes Down” is bad enough to cause concern, “Old 2003 Ferrari” sounds a bit more promising. The former is lukewarm freestyle that (as evidenced by 50 Cent’s blog) was created to advertise Sleek Headphones, but “Ferrari” is enough to almost make us want Black Magic to actually come out. The three-and-a-half minute cut also comes with an ad for Sleek, but finds Fiddy stirring things up with Rick Ross, Nas, and declaring that he’s giving us “new s***” using what he calls his “old flow.” It’s all worth your attention for a few minutes and available below.

“When It All Goes Down” (Freestyle)

“Old 2003 Ferrari”


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